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Release Notes

VisualVM 2.0.1 has been released on March 26th, 2020. This document describes changes introduced by this release.

System Requirements

Supported OS:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux: Intel platform, ARM HFLT, AArch64
  • macOS

Required Software:

  • Oracle JDK 8~14
  • OpenJDK 8~14
  • GraalVM 19~20


Features and Enhancements:

  • Full support for running on JDK 14 and monitoring/profiling Java 14 processes
  • JMX connections can be either tracked automatically or controlled manually using the Connect/Disconnect actions
  • Heap Dump on OOME context menu action is now a checkbox

Fixed Bugs:

  • GH-6: [RFC] provide option to disable auto connect JMX when VisualVM start
  • GH-175: Bug: valid profiler calibration input gets rejected as invalid
  • GH-178: Fix Wording of the Perform Calibration Message
  • GH-184: Cannot launch on OpenJDK 14
  • GH-185: Wrong Icon in Ubuntu Panel

Known Problems

To view all known problems please see the VisualVM Issues page.

To resolve the most common problems please follow the Troubleshooting Guide.