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Release Notes

VisualVM 2.1.8 has been released on March 19th, 2024. This document describes changes introduced by this release.

System Requirements

Supported OS:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux: Intel platform, ARM HFLT, AArch64
  • macOS: Intel platform, Apple Silicon

Required Software:

  • Oracle JDK 8~22
  • OpenJDK 8~22
  • GraalVM 19~23


Features and Enhancements:

  • Full support for running on/monitoring & profiling JDK 22:
  • Heap viewer improvements:
    • GH-553: [HeapViewer] display logical value of WindowsPathWithAttributes
    • GH-545: [HeapViewer] Allow to share heap cache (*.hwcache) between different computers
    • GH-539: [HeapViewer] failed to show threads when heap dump contains virtual threads (JDK 22)
    • GH-534: [HeapViewer] Improve logical value for LogRecord
  • Other improvements:
    • GH-536: Recognize Maven Wrapper process
    • GH-527: Update generic JFR loader to version 8.3.1
    • GH-526: Upgrade NetBeans Platform to 19

Fixed Bugs:

  • GH-560: CPU Sampler Results Not Reset For a New Session
  • GH-559: Go to source does not work for JDK classes
  • GH-555: Opening heap dump on M1 Mac is slow
  • GH-551: CPU sample from JFR file can take a long time
  • GH-550: Missing known blocking method in Object and Thread
  • GH-548: VisualVM Throws Exceptions On Startup (Proxy vs. JavaScript)
  • GH-543: [HeapViewer] NPE from processGCRootReference()
  • GH-538: GraalVM 23.1 standalone languages distributions not recognized
  • GH-537: Polyglot Sampler doesn't work with GraalVM for JDK 21
  • GH-535: Mac OS distribution - missing CFBundleIdentifier
  • GH-533: VisualVM fails on parsing/showing object of LogRecord class if it uses an extended Level class
  • GH-530: Additional File in HeapViewer's hwcache on Windows
  • GH-529: Sort threads by name is incorrect
  • GH-521: selected Thread switches
  • GH-497: Running VisualVM.app from Finder still needs Rosetta
  • GH-482: JDBC profiler - SQL query is truncated to 1024 chars
  • GH-476: JFluid wire protocol error: code does not correspond to command or response.
  • GH-306: Password are saved in the connection configuration files

Known Problems

To view all known problems please see the VisualVM Issues page.

To resolve the most common problems please follow the Troubleshooting Guide.