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Upgrading Java VisualVM

VisualVM was previously distributed in Oracle JDK 6~8 as Java VisualVM. It has been discontinued in Oracle JDK 9. The latest Oracle JDK 8 updates contain Java VisualVM based on VisualVM 1.3.9 released on October 04, 2016.

To get the latest features, improvements and security & bug fixes, we recommend upgrading to the most recent VisualVM version distributed as a standalone tool at GitHub.

Use standalone VisualVM

Standalone VisualVM provides the latest features and bugfixes in a small .zip archive or .dmg application bundle. The tool can run using various JDK distributions and Java versions.

To start using the standalone VisualVM tool, download the latest version from the Download page and run visualvm\bin\visualvm.exe on Windows or visualvm/bin/visualvm on Linux and macOS.

The JDK to run VisualVM can be customized either using visualvm --jdkhome <JDK_HOME> or by setting the visualvm_jdkhome parameter in visualvm\etc\visualvm.conf or visualvm/etc/visualvm.conf config file.


In case you are experiencing any issues when starting or using the standalone VisualVM or VisualVM bundled with GraalVM, please see the Troubleshooting Guide, let us know using the Feedback page or file a bug.