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IDE Integrations

Use the VisualVM features from within your favorite Java IDE!

Open sources from VisualVM results in your favorite Java IDE! Learn how.


Use the profiler in Apache NetBeans (3rd party) to analyze code within the NetBeans IDE. It utilizes a profiling engine similar to VisualVM and is tightly integrated into the IDE. Home »


Use the Eclipse Launcher to integrate VisualVM with the Eclipse IDE. The plugin enables starting VisualVM along with the executed application and automatically opens the application tab.

Installation: download the plugin (.zip, 68.1KB), unzip it and add as a local update site, then install the VisualVM Launcher Feature.

Configuration: setup the plugin by configuring path to JDK (not JRE) and VisualVM installation using Run/Debug-Launching-VisualVM Configuration.

Usage: create a custom application configuration and choose the VisualVM Launcher as application launcher for the Run/Debug actions.

IntelliJ IDEA

Use the VisualVM Launcher (3rd party) to integrate VisualVM with IntelliJ IDEA. The plugin enables starting VisualVM along with the executed application. Home »

Visual Studio Code

Install the VisualVM for VS Code extension to download the latest VisualVM release, and to start VisualVM along with the project and/or control the VisualVM session from within the Visual Studio Code. Supports configuring project-only classes filter, and opening source code from VisualVM results back in the Visual Studio Code editor. Home »