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Graal VisualVM

Starting from Oracle JDK 9, Java VisualVM has moved to the GraalVM, an innovative, high-performance polyglot VM developed at Oracle Labs. Similar to Java VisualVM, Graal VisualVM is a stable tool built on top of the VisualVM and tested with the concrete GraalVM release.

Graal VisualVM adds a special support for the GraalVM features, like recognizing live GraalVM processes, and analyzing applications at the guest language level (Heap Viewer). Currently JavaScript, Python, Ruby and R languages are supported.

GraalVM with Graal VisualVM can be downloaded from the Oracle Technology Network. Similar to Java VisualVM, Graal VisualVM can be started using <graalvm_home>/bin/jvisualvm.

Graal VisualVM Heap Viewer displaying Ruby heap

The Polyglot engine of the GraalVM allows the execution and interoperability of language interpreters for additional programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, Ruby, R, and LLVM. Learn more.